Are children being pushed too hard in academics?
Post On April 23, 2015 By Ron

All parents dream of their children doing well in academics and getting excellent grades. However, if it becomes an obsession and parents become overbearing or over-pressurize children, it can become detrimental. Taking little interest in a child’s education is one extreme, but the other extreme is pushing a child too hard. In addition to parents, teachers and educators may also fall into the trap of pushing children too hard in academics. If the child or teenager does not meet the set expectations or goals or is pushed too hard, it can even lead to depression, and in some rare cases, suicide. Thus, it is important for parents and educators to help children set realistic academic goals. They need to help children celebrate the process of learning and the evaluation process. This includes assertion of understanding of concepts as well as making mistakes and learning from them. Some parents may be pushing their children too hard, so that they can boast about it to others, and schools may do this to win extra laurels. All this only dilutes the noble purpose of education to help children discover and think about the amazing world around them and make their own meaningful contributions. Of course, it is important to take interest in a child’s studies and guide her. However, parents should strike a balance and not become overenthusiastic, overanxious or overbearing. Sometimes, too much pressure or pushing a child too hard can make the child feel overwhelmed, resentful or even lose interest in studies. Moreover, parents should let the children know that their worth is in no way linked to their academic performance. Children need to be loved in an unconditional manner. Moreover, each child is unique. Some children may do well in selected subjects while others may do well in all subjects. Some children may not be academically inclined and may lean towards sports or other extra-curricular activities. Accepting a child’s uniqueness and celebrating it is also an important aspect of helping children stay joyful and healthy. Doing well in academics is of course one of the passports for developing a future professional career as well. However, this does not mean that children should be constantly egged to perform. Children as they grow up will be able to deal with life’s complexities in their own unique way and have wonderful life journeys beyond the confines of academic performance alone. Parents need to encourage children to have a wholesome routine and also be good mentors to their children in their learning journey without over-pressurizing them. They also need to be understanding of the unique attributes of the child and not pressurize them if they do not meet certain set expectations. It is important to be realistic and encourage children to improve in their academic performance instead of pushing them to become toppers. pushed_too_hard_academics-300x199 Post by Amelia

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