Future of English Teaching
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English has managed to establish itself as the global language and is dominant in almost every sector-education, politics, trade and commerce. With the turn of the century it has developed into a full fledged tongue and today knowledge of English language has become integral for international communication. English has become the lingua franca which has connected people from different nationalities and diverse backgrounds who can communicate in a common language. English is also playing a major role in computer-mediated communication such as Twitter or Facebook.

English has established itself as a language of communication even in non-native speaking countries. After a few decades it is predicted that half the world will more or less have a good command over the language. This has led to a rush in learning the English language because in order to succeed in the competitive global market proficiency in English is becoming mandatory. But culture remains an integral part when it comes to future of English teaching. Therefore, those planning to step into the world of English teaching need to take into consideration the diversity of learners across the globe along with their individual needs. Increased use of English in global interactions has stimulated the demand for efficient teachers and the focus is on proper communication in English bringing to the fore the demand for ESL teachers.

With English language teaching industry constantly evolving across the globe, ESL teachers can expect loads of ESL jobs abroad. The non English speaking countries in the world are waking up to the fact that in order to compete in this globalized world their citizens need to have at least a working knowledge of English. Over the past years the geographical boundaries have blurred and this has led the way for ESL job openings all over. Teaching English abroad can be a very rewarding and successful experience for those who have a penchant for travelling and are interested in diverse cultures and different local customs. Molding oneself into a new society and adapting their ways of life could be a great start to new and interesting teaching experience altogether. Getting a TEFL certification and choosing to teach overseas will be a wise decision for aspiring English teachers and a great investment in terms of gaining valuable experience career wise.

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Gavin Pruitt

Gavin Pruitt
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Everything was informative and useful. Trainers were always prompt and response was received on time. I would like to recommend to a friend.




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