Kinetic Sand
Post On February 12, 2015 By Ron

Has anyone heard about the kinetic sand, you must check it out! It is an amazing new sensory play material and an experience ,like nothing we’ve ever experienced before.

One can get any color kinetic sand and as you can see it is completely mold able into a any shape. It holds its shape when sculpted. However, if you let it pour from your hand it takes on the properties of dry sand again. It’s simply too tempting and irresistible! The best part is, it comes in a great variety of colors.

It’s a treat and a great bundle of joy for the preschoolers and works wonder in fine motor work.One of the best parts of kinetic sand is that it doesn’t stick to your hands (which the sensory sensitive little ones love) and it is super easy to clean up (which makes a teacher super happy)

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Maria Cristina Ribeiro
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