Teaching as a Global Profession
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Teaching has turned into a global profession in the 21st century. A learning revolution is taking place around the globe and this has brought comprehensive changes in both learning as well as teaching. Teaching is no longer limited to four-walled classrooms and its scope and range has widened as the world of education has shrunk into a global community. Today’s teachers especially those involved with language teaching or planning to teach abroad are expected to be well prepared and equipped with all the latest teaching methods and techniques.

The TEFL teachers these days play a crucial role in providing the foundation for all types of learners who are trying to get a grip on English language so that they acquire knowledge and build on their competence in the process so that they get success in their future endeavors. The teaching aspirants who want to venture into the world of TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) have to understand the fact that they will have to be prepared to face diverse classrooms from different cultures and backgrounds. They have to address the individual learning needs of the students and continually provide a relevant classroom environment to accommodate those needs.

Teachers especially the English language teachers are facing emerging challenges with the encroachment of new information in the field of language teaching and therefore, they need to undergo professional training and get certified if they want to provide the best teaching environment for the language learners. Moreover, the current teachers have to partner with their students and work as a skilled team to achieve the desired learning goals. It has been estimated that people learning English language or primarily speaking it are almost touching billions all over the world. There are innumerable TEFL job opportunities all over the world and to teach as an English language teacher a TEFL certification is a must which equips the candidates with a great grounding for a career as a TEFL certified teacher. As global educators, they also need to be patient, trusting and easy going so that they are able to adapt themselves in any kind of teaching environment anywhere in the world.

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