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Guaranteed paid teaching job after TEFL training
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Extend your wish to get TEFL training in Koh Samui – a tropical paradise. This is because if you are a new entrant to the TEFL industry and looking for a complete training before applying for a paid teaching job abroad then Global Training Academy’s Internships Thailand Program is the best choice for you. Get […]

Soft Skills: the quintessential factor in any workplace
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Most occupation requires that those who are working must have certain abilities to perform their jobs efficiently. Like a teacher must be able to use certain techniques while teaching English or other subjects. Or a computer programmer must know the use of programming language. These abilities are known as hard or technical skills. Besides, you […]

Few factors that influence second language acquisition
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Most ESL classrooms are diversified with some students learning a new language at a faster pace when compared to others. There are certain factors influencing the speed and adaptation of a new language which can be categorized as internal and external factors. Let’ take a glance on those crucial factors which interplay to bring about […]

Parents’ role in the education of their children
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The first institution of a child where he learns is his home. A child passes most of his time with his parents and learns from his parents and the environment provided to him by his parents in home. Parents play a vital role in the education of their child, whatever child’s age is, (either he […]

Personalities all Teachers must have
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Personal skills tend to vary from teacher to teacher. However, it is always good to posses a number of skills and saying that, there are 4 personal skills, which all teachers should be aware of and possess. If you think, you lack any of them, it is never too late to cultivate them. Patience – […]

Montessori methods of teaching alphabet
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Teaching alphabet forms the basic foundations of learning and reading. While some kids learn letters at a very fast pace, the others need more time and attention is grasping things. Here are few ways of teaching alphabet to kids before entering the Kindergarten: Read to them: Start reading all sorts of alphabet books to the kids. With […]

Understanding the need of Short Term Programs
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There is a phrase often heard- ‘You and I can make the difference’. All you need is to understand your need and accordingly lend your hand and together we can walk the extra miles. The short term course on Classroom Management, English Phonetics and Grammar are offered for both existing teachers and aspiring teachers. Unlike […]

Qualities of effective leadership
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Great leaders are born, not made. Yet learning how to become an effective leader is not that difficult, whether you a leading a team, a single subordinate or CEO of an organization. Few qualities of great leader if learnt and practice can bring in fruitful results. Some of those are as follows: – A leader […]

New Year resolution is something we all are familiar with and it has always been in vogue
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New Year resolution is something we all are familiar with and it has always been in vogue. However, the funny thing is,most of them tend to fizzle out by the time January 31st, comes.

GTA proudly announce their tie-up with The Early Childhood Association is set up with the vision tha
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Sheryl Kalayanamitr, Thailand

Sheryl Kalayanamitr, Thailand
Diploma for Teaching English to Young Learners

The course is excellent. The best thing about the course was my tutor, Miss Nina, the service, content, duration of time allowed, and the resources....

Angela Tetteh

Angela Tetteh
120 Hrs TESOL Program

How in depth each phase was, and the promptness of grading was the most useful part of this course. The directions and content for Phase...




Teaching Techniques : Social Media – A variant of the previous section is to utilize social me
There are a few qualities which define good teachers. Here is a list of them. However, It is by no m