Guaranteed paid teaching job after TEFL training
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Extend your wish to get TEFL training in Koh Samui – a tropical paradise. This is because if you are a new entrant to the TEFL industry and looking for a complete training before applying for a paid teaching job abroad then Global Training Academy’s Internships Thailand Program is the best choice for you. Get ready for a warm welcome in Thailand also known as “The Land of Smiles” with 4 weeks in-class TEFL training and 4 weeks complimentary resort accommodation. It is indeed the most sought-after program with approximately 100 recruits yearly.

One of the biggest benefits of our program is that you train with around 25 or so other like-minded peers, building a great rapport and creating a network of support in one of the exotic locations with a vibrant culture meeting some of the friendliest people in the world.

This teach abroad program will prepare you for productive teaching in Thailand and elsewhere, raising your confidence level so you are fully prepared before being asked to face a class of English learners as a newly qualified TEFL teacher. You will be fully TEFL qualified and equipped with the competencies to teach ESL/EFL across diverse classrooms after the training period, enabling you to teach English anywhere in the world. The teaching experience gained during the school term in Thailand adds to your confidence and increases employability should you apply elsewhere after the program.

Unlike 1 year teaching contracts all over the world we only ask you for a 4.5-5 months contract which you can always extend if you wish, so you have all the flexibility in the world. Whilst teaching you will earn at least 1000USD or 700GBP or 30,000THB per month and free accommodation during the training and teaching assignment which is enough money to live on in Thailand, as it has relatively low living costs compared to other countries. An average Thai teacher’s salary is roughly between 9,000 THB and 12,000 THB which will give you a fair idea about the living costs. You will be able to live comfortably and have enough money to enjoy yourself.

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Saima Arif
Pre and Primary Teacher Training Diploma Course

Everything was informative and useful. Trainers were always prompt and response was received on time. I would like to recommend to a friend.

Christopher Gray

Christopher Gray
120 Hrs TESOL Online Course

It was a great experience. Being able to do the assignments based on my schedule. The thing about the course that needs improvements is some...




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