Montessori methods of teaching alphabet
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Teaching alphabet forms the basic foundations of learning and reading. While some kids learn letters at a very fast pace, the others need more time and attention is grasping things.

Here are few ways of teaching alphabet to kids before entering the Kindergarten:

  1. Read to them: Start reading all sorts of alphabet books to the kids. With each repetition that would learn those quickly. At this age they just enjoy listening to these books as each one is different from the other.
  2. Sing songs for them: It’s the fun way of learning to make them listen to your alphabet songs. Now it’s the soothing, relaxing and calmness of her voice make the kid more attached to the teacher. Soon they start singing along with the teacher.
  3. Playing with sandpaper letters: The Montessori sandpaper letters are great way to introduce letters to kids. This card tells them where to start and which direction to go. That’s how they learn to read through three process of introduction of the letters, association and then recall.
  4. Alphabet Box: Now the next step would be to put emphasis on one letter at a time and create an alphabet box. This box is nothing but an ordinary box of objects that start with the letter we are talking of. This helps them to associate letters with the objects. It can be done as a fun activity by a box wrapped with a gift paper. Now the kid opens it up and finds out what there inside. Then he/she say what the each object is and point at the letter in the box.
  5. Alphabet Book: Making an alphabet book is the best way of capturing what the kid has learned so far. This gives a concrete goal towards learning and bonding with the teacher.

Applying these methodologies you can speed up the learning process. And alongside gaining relevant knowledge, the kids also learn to respond and bond with the teacher. This is particularly important for a kid that his/her first step outside his comfort zone of the household. He/she learns to socialize and later grow up to become a confident individual.


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