New Year resolution is something we all are familiar with and it has always been in vogue
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New Year resolution is something we all are familiar with and it has always been in vogue. However, the funny thing is,most of them tend to fizzle out by the time January 31st, comes. The reason it happens, because we make the mistake of setting goals for ourselves which are mostly un-achievable. Resolutions need to be attainable.

So what kind of resolutions have you all set for yourselves? Here are a few tips which can be pondered upon.

1. Be Optimistic

The winter break is almost about to come to an end and you might find it tad difficult to get into the teaching groove. However, a negative attitude will never get us anywhere. A grumpy you means peevish students which in turn means a classroom with no productivity at all. So remain optimistic and very positive and make sure you remain the primary source for a vibrant classroom.

2. Start the preparation much in advance

It’s never too early to start warming up and preparing for the year ahead. If you can get some feedback from your current class, it will really help you to prepare ahead. Children tend to offer plain and blunt and sometimes untreated opinions. Instead of being hurt or indignant, consider that opinion and see how you can improve from it!

3. Keep some personal goals too

Resolutions need not be professional only. For instance, set a goal where you ensure that you get enough rest for the year. You can set a goal where you ensure you also eat healthy once or twice a week. Personal goals like these, certainly go a long way towards ensuring professional success too.

4. Know your students and bond with them more

It may so happen that you did not get to know your students well, during the beginning of the year. But that’s alright. Bond with them, so much so that you learn from them too. The impression should be such, that they must remember you, even when they are long gone from school.

5. Keep your calm

Keeping one’s cool may not be possible always and most importantly losing temper every once in a while will keep students on their toes. However losing it all the time does not portray a positive image of yours in front of the students. They will begin to start fearing you and any learning that happens, will not happen because of interest, but will happen out of fear! More importantly, with continuous ill temper, you simply become an approachable person for your students.

What resolutions have you made ? Do Share them with us in the comments section! :)

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