Personalities all Teachers must have
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Personal skills tend to vary from teacher to teacher. However, it is always good to posses a number of skills and saying that, there are 4 personal skills, which all teachers should be aware of and possess. If you think, you lack any of them, it is never too late to cultivate them.

Patience – Patience is on the top most of the list. Teacher, Teaching and Patience, all go hand in hand. Without patience a teacher will find life extremely difficult to cope with classroom and student related issues. Students have many ways of trying a teacher’s patience. Impatience and anger are qualities one cannot afford to have in the classroom.

Discipline – To expect discipline from your students, as a teacher, you must also exhibit the same. Being disciplined means being firm but fair, having the willpower to not be moved by tears or tantrums etc. It might appear challenging in the very beginning but you can create over a period of time.

Engaging Personality – What exactly does an engaging personality mean? An engaging personality does not mean having to be the life and soul of the party. In the context of teaching, a teacher with an engaging personality is one who strives to makes lessons interesting, the act of learning fun and can match the wavelength of her students.

Love for Teaching – Loving what you do does affect how you do it. Therefore if you love teaching, then you are going to love watching your students learn. However, if you do not love teaching, or find that you don’t like teaching anymore you will find it extremely difficult to teach. Teaching is all about learning while teaching your students and more importantly it is about touching lives, for a lifetime.

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