Qualities of effective leadership
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Great leaders are born, not made. Yet learning how to become an effective leader is not that difficult, whether you a leading a team, a single subordinate or CEO of an organization. Few qualities of great leader if learnt and practice can bring in fruitful results. Some of those are as follows:

– A leader must be aware of his/her personal strengths and drawbacks. A self assessment is crucial. Like if you know your weakness, allows you to delegate those to people with such abilities, in the due course of achieving common goal. Great leader thus associate those people who can complement rather than supplement their skills. Recognizing the weakness and then working on those is the true quality of a leader.

– Effective leader should know how people actually perceive you. They maintain a good level of communication with their teams and how they are perceived. Testing how you are being perceived can be easily done by observing their behavior. Whether they work freely and communicate among each other while you cross the room. But the best way is to directly ask them. With this you might be shown your point of weakness like lack of listening or showing appreciation etc. This opens up the scope for you to improvise.

-Effective leaders are always responsive to the team needs. Some teams might prefer to trust than to creativity; some might flexibility over organizer. Being a strong leader means he/she must have complete knowledge of individual goals and values as they look up to you as their leader who understands them.

-A leader must also know the organizational goals and values and the strategies to achieve those. He or she therefore guides the team in contributing effectively to bring about overall growth for the organization.

This is what it takes to become a true leader. Challenges are there, some huge, some minimal. But it’s the leader who wins over each obstacle and brings in team work effectively.

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