Non-Verbal Communication
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Holding one hand in the air, and making eye contact with students is a great way to quiet the class and get their attention on you. It takes awhile for students to get used to this as a routine, but it works wonderfully. Have them raise their hand along with you until all are up. […]

Tips for the Teachers
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Classroom rules for students are important because a lot of young students take time to learn how to behave in classrooms.Having classroom rules give students a sense of discipline and routine which help them realize that there are certain things one is expected of when within a classroom. 1. Voice Meter – Tell your students […]

Inspiring creativity among the students
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Children are fast learners which are mostly self learning skills based on their immense curiosity to know more. Classroom should be supportive and innovative and also creative to help them grow up. We can integrate creativity and art in education through various means:- This can be done by allowing them to draw, paint, take photos, […]

How to Become a Good Teacher!!
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1. It is very important for a teacher to be punctual for class. It is not good for a teacher to be late for class. 2. It is very important for a teacher to dress appropriately during classes. Teachers should not wear anything revealing in class and should be dressed very professionally. 3. While working […]

Ways to Improve Teacher-Student Interaction in the EFL/ESL Classroom by using Action Research Report
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The most common problem a teacher faces in class is unresponsive students. It becomes very difficult for a teacher to deal with poker faced students specially when there is a teacher –student dialogue session when the teacher asks question and the student does not reply. There might be students who do not know the students […]

Teacher is Facilitator
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Today’s teacher is facilitator; a creator of situation where learning takes place, so, she must organize courses, set goals and objectives, evaluate student. Creating a learning environment is important and teaching should be student centric and not teacher centric. A teacher must have oodles of patience to handle any kind of situation with a cool […]

Some most Important points for Teaching
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Some most important points are: A great teacher should always keep intact the curiosity level of the students and make the teaching interesting. Students should learn to be systematic in work and in thought process. A successful teacher should inculcate this in his/her students. Sharing is the most appropriate way to understand how far students […]

Basics of Teachings
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A teacher should be a good planner, and introduce topics that are age appropriate. The students have inherent capacity to gain knowledge so a teacher should have faith in a student’s knowledge. Knowledge gained through experience is the best learning process so a teacher should always encourage this. A teacher should be observant and get […]

Teaching Tips
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1.Teachers should be cheerful and smile as they enter a class, this reduces the affective filter of the children. They should act as a guide or facilitator. 2.Classes should always start with a warmer and context setting should be attractive. Children learn best in a comfortable environment. 3.Teachers should involve all students in every activity. […]

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Jessica Knecht

Jessica Knecht
120hrs TESOL Course

USA- I was surprised by how useful and informative the textbook and associated activities were. I found the videos challenging to pay attention to and...

Stephanie Walsh

Stephanie Walsh

-Lesson Planning was very useful. All phases were useful; however, I found many of the assignments confusing in what was wanted from the student....




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There are a few qualities which define good teachers. Here is a list of them. However, It is by no m