Definition of a Good Teacher
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There are a few qualities which define good teachers. Here is a list of them. However, It is by no means the ultimate list but you will find that most of the teachers who left a strong impression and made a great impact on you, possessed at least a few of these qualities, if not all of them.
1.Love for Learning &Teaching – A good teacher just not only teach but also learns something in process and comes back the next day with more zeal. A good teacher relishes every question or doubt that is asked and at the same time ensures that their students are learning, 
2. Respect & Care for Students – A good teacher knows that students’ emotions should be valued and accord them with the kind of respect they would like to receive. Good teachers are not inconsiderate or insensitive. They are empathetic, listen to whatever a student has to say, offer only the advice or words that are necessary and let their students know that they are not alone.
3.A Good Teacher is considerate and firm –A teacher who does not confuse being kind with lenient is a good teacher.They know when exactly to be kind and they know when exactly to be firm. They know that rather than being lenient with students, for an effective learning outcome, one has to be firm. 
They do not mind being called taskmasters because they know that more than friends, students need facilitators to guide them. Even though they are strict, they are never unfair. More than the teacher’s kindness, it is the firmness  which makes students admire them.
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There are a few qualities which define good teachers. Here is a list of them. However, It is by no m